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“We are among the very few Original Nadi Astrology families of the Valluvar Lineage, deriving from the Lord Shiva-centered Vaitheeswaran Koil.

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Since the Pallava era, we, as one of the founding families of nadi astrology, have been rendering this holy duty.

The current Guruji Ve.Velmurugan,

believed that Nadi astrology should be available to everyone, irrespective of background, race, or religion. We launched our website with the intention of aiding individuals in 86 countries, and over the past 20 years, we have achieved just that.





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who we are

Nadi Astrology

The phrase "nadii jyotisa" also refers to Nādi Astrology, a type of Dharma astrology that is practiced in many Indian regions. It is being discussed based on the belief that Dharma sages from ancient times foretold the past, present, and future lives of all humans.

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Nadi History

A type of Dharma astrology known as Nadi Astrology (Nadi jyothidam) is practiced in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and other nearby Indian regions. Basically, the thumb impressions—left for women, right for men—are used to find the Nadi palm leaves.Each sign has 150 Nadis and is 30 degrees in length.

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Our Journey

It all began with our ancestors, who were meant to serve the wealthy and royals, particularly the Pallava rulers, as valluvars and make forecasts for them. Despite the fact that Valluvars are the only ones who are destined to be priests, they were all intended to be priests of some kind.

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Live Reading

A copy of your birth chart and an audio CD containing the prediction will be provided. The prediction will be made one-on-one with a skilled astrologer in the closest branch.

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Online Reading

You can make a prediction while comfortably at home using video or audio calls, and you'll receive an email with an audio recording.

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Speed Reading

For our extremely busy customers, a quick option to get a forecast is to complete the form below and return it to us. You will also receive an audio recording in your email.

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Nadi Chapters

Chapter 1 - General Report

This brief report helps with planning; it includes a person's name, guardians, family, spouse, children, and occupation, among other general biographical facts. Additionally, a person's Nadi leaf represents the expectations of their horoscope for each of the 12 houses according to their planetary conditions at birth.

Chapter 2 - Education, wealth, Prosperity, Family Life

We'll look at education, wealth, and family life. The capacity for discourse-based communication and the strength of visual perception are covered in this section.

Chapter 3 – Siblings

examines the relationships between brothers and sisters and forecasts the number of siblings a person will have. We'll talk about the advantages and disadvantages.

Chapter 4 - Mother Influence, Possessions

We'll discuss the value of mothers in people's lives as well as any benefits or negatives. Discusses the alleged material wealth in addition, referring to the assets, property, cars, and house.

Chapter 5 – Progenies

provides information about children's lives in general, including their accomplishments, problems, your relationship with them, deaths, and resolutions to any relevant problems.

Chapter 6 – Disease, Debt and Enemies

A few of the worst things that can happen to a person are falling into financial ruin, having a real illness, and being under danger from enemies; this section contains details regarding these kinds of everyday occurrences. To help one overcome this is the goal of their causes, estimated duration of suffering, and suggested course of therapy.

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