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When a soul is born as a human in this world, it carries the deeds of previous lifetimes (good and bad karma). Thus, the soul bears those many types of deeds at the moment of his or her birth on this earth. If a soul has solely done nice and kind deeds in its previous births, it will benefit or achieve positive consequences from its time on Earth.

On the other side, if the soul has committed terrible deeds in previous lifetimes, it will reap negative consequences (miseries) from existence. As a result, the soul's actions are accountable for the misery and happiness it experiences in this life. So the goal of an ideal soul should be to avoid harmful deeds and instead do good deeds.

The corporeal world is thought to be an illusion, with the mysteries of prior lives hidden from him/her. As a result, a person is unable to determine the cause of his or her life's misery or happiness. The soul who discovers the true secrets of his origin and lives a virtuous life, following the road of justice in his or her lifetime, will undoubtedly reap all the benefits as the expression says, "As you sow, so you reap."

According to that proverb, we can only get a good harvest if we first sow good actions. The harvest is dependent on the quality of the seeds sowed on land. The Almighty God rules the world according to natural law, which is based on our past births' deeds. "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction" is a statement of fact. If we think about doing good deeds and put them into reality in our daily lives, we can reap the full advantages of life. Thulliya Nadi Astrology can prescribe several methods for atonement of sins.

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