Chapter Information

Chapter 1 - General Report

Planning is aided by this concise report, which covers a person's general biographical details, including name, guardians, family, spouse, children, and occupation. Furthermore, a person's horoscope's expectations for each of the 12 houses are represented by their Nadi leaf based on their planetary conditions at birth.

Chapter 2 - Education, wealth, Prosperity, Family Life

We'll look at education, wealth, and family life. The capacity for discourse-based communication and the strength of visual perception are covered in this section.

Chapter 3 – Siblings

explores the links between brothers and sisters and makes predictions about how many a person will have. We'll discuss both the negative and positive viewpoints.

Chapter 4 - Mother Influence, Possessions

We'll talk about the importance of moms in people's life, as well as their advantages and any drawbacks.talks about the claimed tangible wealth as well, including the resources, land, vehicles, and home.

Chapter 5 – Progenies

gives details about children in everyday life, such as their achievements, issues, your relationship with them, deaths, and solutions to any related issues.

Chapter 6 – Disease, Debt and Enemies

Experiencing financial despair, a genuine disease, and danger from adversaries are among the most terrible things that may happen to a person; this part provides information about these kinds of incidents that people encounter on a daily basis. The purpose of their causes, anticipated duration of suffering, and recommended course of therapy is to assist one in overcoming this.

Chapter 7– Marriage Life

the nuances of married life and the delights of being exceptional in someone's eyes. This section frequently contains information on your marriage, including when it will occur, how long it will endure, similarities to other relationships, reasons for postponing your marriage, and disagreements with your life partner.

Chapter 8 – Life Span

Life and death are the essential components of all living things in this place. Fortunately, we are able to comprehend how it might occur. This section provides answers to queries on life expectancy, lifespan, and sudden death hazards.

Chapter 9 - Father, Inheritance, Spirituality

It offers details on your father and your bond with him, his land, his abundant legacy, and every aspect—both positive and negative—will be covered.Here are exposed one's deep dispositions, sanctuary visitation information, and necessary virtuous deeds.

Chapter 10 - Business and professional life

The component practically predicts every event in your life and gives you information on careers you could follow, companies you could start, and the rewards this would bring.

Chapter 11 - Vehicular Profit, Second Marriage

The theme of this paragraph is change and advancement. Discussions are held regarding the benefits and drawbacks of driving.You can use this area to learn about remarriage, its implications for the future, and the dignity of life.

Chapter 12 – Expenses, Prospects of Foreign Visit, Rebirth, Salvation

This part answers questions about what your next birth might bring, if any, how you will use money, including how and what you will spend it on, the potential of traveling overseas, and how Moksha is obtained in that.

Chapter 13 – Shanthi Kandam

This section discusses transgressions from a previous life and offers solutions to eliminate the consequences that affect your current life.

Chapter 14 – Deekshai Kandam

This highlights the otherworldly quality. Reciting the Jepam Mantra, being advised to wear a talisman or Raksha, and getting rid of enemies and impediments while escaping the consequences of sin

Chapter 15 – Aushadha Kandam

area that focuses on the strategies to assist control chronic or recurring illnesses or ailments as well as the therapies employed for them.

Chapter 16 - Disabukthi Kandam

The section addresses planetary positions, periods, and subperiods and how they impact people's lives, how planetary locations change over time, and what it means for people's lives at particular points in time.


  •  From the date of the Chapter inspection, Chapter 2 through 12 will provide future predictions for various aspects of life all the way up to the end of life.
  •  In addition, two unique Chapters are offered. Because of their distinctive qualities and intricate points of interest, fees will be higher. Kandam is open to success in political alliances and governmental affairs. Gnanakandam exist in addition to the previously mentioned Chapter. Prasana Kandam and Disabukthi Santhi Kandam.
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